Crash into Love with an Ardorgold English Puppy Bred with Love & Expertise!

Happy Holidays, and Welcome to Ardorgold. Post updated December 7, 2018 with brand new pix;puppies coming up on five weeks; maturing and eating well, gorgeous English “type”–construction/physique and stunning heads; m. and f. available; thanks to our new families purchasing pups from this gorgeous litter.

Love…nothing less….

Exquisite cream-coated and “typey” English Golden Retriever pups by imported Jr. Ch. with gorgeous heads, bred according to United Kingdom Kennel Club Breed Standard for the Golden Retriever, ready Christmas week. Sire and dam imported from top UK and European breeders; Ashbury, Glen Sheallag, Moondust, Lislone/Garbank and Russian bloodlines; parents hip, eye and heart clear; $2500.00, $200 deposit. Certificates of Lineage, FDSB and AKC-registerable. References, Sales Agreement, expert help for the lifetime of the dog.  Pedigree here.; text 970-214-1883.

Puppy photos updated today– males and females avail; many thanks to the families who have reserved from this litter to date.  On track for puppies to go home as early as Christmas Eve!


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Ardorgold babies 3 wks beginning to interact…

Please take a minute to read about our sheer grit in true Western form, in raising these beautiful dogs….photos of babies throughout post.

We are retired teachers with a passion for the Golden Retriever, most recently for the English Golden Retriever; we have bred champions in conformation, agility and the field, gorgeous healthy puppies for families; service dogs for autistic little boys and a woman dying of breast cancer.

These days, late in our lives, we are blessed beyond measure with the privilege of living in our country home with seven intelligent and spectacular “English” Golden Retrievers.

We are blessed with their love, their energy, their devotion, their astounding beauty.  As we are in “retirement,” they have given us a reason to keep on as we age and become less able to live in the larger world.  One of us spends much of her time writing and working in a wheel chair after a bad fall from a horse; her dogs connect her to life and will help her face impending surgery after our puppies go home by giving her a reason to fight to get well. She delivered her litter in leg braces, with a separated shoulder and got every one of the babies born, dry and nursing.

In our love for them and how much they love us, we have not been able to endure kenneling them out of doors, where all Goldens pine away for their humans, living for the least word, the least touch.

With their love and beauty they have brought much of the indoors in, so that we have needed to adapt to a little chaos, clutter, and dust sometimes impossible to keep up with. Each of our dogs has a den indoors with us and is rotated through spacious fenced yards outside each door; each is nurtured, played with and loved.

Girl 1

What is love worth?  Is it worth letting go of order, predictability, arrangements of cherished inanimate objects, so that ardor–intense passion– rules the day?

Claro que si, certo, oui, yes.  No question.

On November 5, 2018, more love and beauty came into our lives in the form of seven spectacular puppies who crawled out of their sacs and locked on to their beautiful mother, and to whom we went on duty, suspending everything else.

Plush cream-coated English babies with loving Mama Paris…

Our litter was planned and we think we have puppies bred with so much love and expertise that they surpass everyone else’s.

We didn’t just put any two cream-coated imported dogs together and make stuff up about the breed; we carefully chose our first boy, our foundation bitch, keeping two of their stunning daughters, then choosing again a second boy of the quality and pedigree necessary to breed to those beauty queens, and bringing in a second beautiful girl. 

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We understand that this is something ambitious to undertake.  Life has taken big bites out of our hearts and our pocketbooks since this began.  Two c-sections and a euthanasia.  Joy and tears, more joy and more tears.

Passion for something drives a person to transcend his limitations, like doing six loads of laundry a day to keep our whelping box clean and dry when we are asleep on our feet.  Both of us monitor each baby and each adult for everything he or she could want or need no matter whether we have eaten or slept or not.

Right now, raising the most beautiful puppies we’ve ever seen, these little motes of love that kiss us and cuddle into our arms, little else matters or gets done.  We are constantly cooking our weaning stew, letting Mama into the whelping box less and less, watching our gorgeous little polar babies figure out life. We cuddle them and wash their faces, clip their nails  and pick up the poop the minute it falls.

Boy 2 – 3 wks

We think that our babies are the best puppies available to anyone looking for a puppy raised with the unbeatable combination of love and expertise– and passion, and depth of knowledge. Because so many people have gone into business providing Americans with snowy-coated Goldens,  even people who do this without the kind of devotion or knowledge being entrusted with the best bloodlines in the world requires, it’s a tough market.

It’s confusing, especially when people are unfamiliar with the fact that what sets the English Golden apart from the American is construction/conformation, not coat color.  See the United Kennel Club Breed Standard for the Golden Retriever here; scroll down to the official description of an English Golden’s coat color. Please note that Golden Retrievers are all one breed and tht a. the breed standard says that the English coat may be “any shade of cream or gold except red or mahogany.” b. That two light dogs can produce darker puppies and two light, gold-dusted dogs, a litter of creams and “dusky creams.”

And consider these references for Ardorgold:

It has been a true privilege to meet you and your dogs and to care for your puppies.  Your English Goldens are exquisite.  You’re on our radar as best of the best.”  Richard L. Voss, DVM, Director, Colorado State University Veterinary Teaching Hospital.

“I can’t thank you enough for my Maggie.  She has prolonged my life; I am in remission.”  Lindsay M.   

Puppies ready after first two vaccinations, worming, vet check; our protocol requires that you reserve a puppy and visit us on the day the puppy is ready to transition into your home. This is the choice of many breeders to insure the health of their puppies. Where is is feasible we match our puppies to what our clients want; we release puppies and allow people to pick in the order that deposits are received. Our site is meant to be a virtual tour of Ardorgold and our clients generally trust us enough to make a deposit after we speak and answer their questions.

Gift-wrapped in plush fur….untouched photo, natural light

How can you live without one of these?    😉

002 , 970-214-1883.  Also check out our kudos page….

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