Buy with Confidence: Stunning “English” Golden Retriever Puppies by Jr. Ch., Bred with 30 years’ Love & Expertise.. …One Litter a Year; Home Page Updated c/ New Pix Daily; Reserve Now!


The Exquisite Int’l CH Ashbury Angel Heart as Puppy….Bred, Handled, Owned and Loved by Cathy and Gerard Sonntag, Ashbury Golden Retrievers, France. Posted under Internet Free Use laws…. This boy pictured as an adult below is at the heart of our pedigrees….



Updated December 15, 2018

Welcome to Ardorgold, and Happy Holidays!  Puppies still available from our stellar litter whelped on November 5, 2018.  Many thanks to the families placing deposits.; text to 970-214-1883. Enjoy our photos and updates, and note endorsements further down on the page.

Puppy and Purchase Info

Exquisite English Golden Retriever puppies bred with love & expertise, according to the United Kingdom Kennel Club Breed Standard/Blueprint for the Golden Retriever, the guideline for the ideal Golden used throughout the UK, Europe and Beyond. These masterfully bred, professionally nurtured and socialized babies will be ready Christmas week. Sire: Jr Ch Gabrielle Ola de Oro—- see his page.  Dam: Ardorgold Celestial Mystique aka Paris–see her page.  Parents hip, eye and heart clear; $2500.00, $200 deposit.  AKC-registerable. References, Sales Agreement, expert help for the lifetime of the dog.  Pedigree here.; text 970-214-1883.  Scroll down for more detailed info on us, our protocols and policies and to see slide show of sire, dam, litter when first born. Text 970-214-1883.  

Puppy B – Girl – Irresistable!

More and more people are realizing that “English” Goldens are not limited only to cream-coated dogs and bitches.  In fact, breed superstars come in “any shade of cream or gold”; every “English Cream,” which is a color, not a type, has gold dogs in its pedigree.  TWO GOLD ENGLISH DOGS CAN PRODUCE CREAM PUPPIES WHEN CREAM COATS ARE DOMINANT IN THE PEDIGREE.  GET THE FACTS; READ ARDORGOLD’S INFORMATION; BEWARE OF BREEDERS PERPETUATING MYTHS ABOUT THE ENGLISH GOLDEN.

 Puppies’ Grandsire: Our Jr CH Angels Dance in Beauly Highland for Ardorgold, our Angel heart son

Jr. CH. Angels Dance in Beauly Highland aka Angelo, grandsire of our litter and son of Int’l Ch Ashbury Angel Heart

A slideshow of our puppies with their sire and dam…

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

The beautiful Ardorgold Celestial Sauvignon aka Savvy, whelped Nov. 5, 2018

Pictured above; one of our English beauty queens, current litter.  The collage below will help you understand our bloodlines and the influence of our pedigree upon the litter.

Nowhere else in Colorado will you find the quality and beauty we have attained in our litter of classic English in type Golden Retriever puppies.

The pedigree of our puppies is an intentional “linebreeding” on the beautiful Ashbury Angel Heart, on Garbank Lislone behind Moondust Masterpiece in Gabe’s Pedigree and Lislone Garbank Loch Affric behind our Angelo, and on Robinhood of Glen Sheallag behind Gabe’s dam and behind Angelo in Paris’s pedigree.

We ourselves love the look of the cream-coated English Golden.  Equally stunning are the puppies in a given litter that one might fairly call “sun-kissed” or “dusky cream.”  But they are stunning because they have gorgeous heads and are masterfully put together; they are true dreamboats. See our discussion of English “breed type” below.

If It’s Not About Coat Color, What Is an English Golden?

The English Golden differs from the American because the UK and the U.S. have different “breed standards” for how a Golden should be put together.
The difference is about “breed type,” and has little to do with coat color!


Here is what we in America consider a gloriously beautiful English Golden. Note this stunning dog’s proportions and substance. Note how each part is congruent to other parts–stunning head, strong but not overly long neck; prominent and muscular chest, legs set well beneath the body; how the head and neck give way to a stunning level topline to tail. Look at the difference between this dog and the American champion below:

Note how this dog has less head, less chest, and is hyper-angulated in the rear. Contrast her with our “Angelo” below, who is perfectly English in type.

Jr. CH. Angels Dance in Beauly Highland aka Angelo, our stunning Angel Heart son
Our Angelo as a Stunning Puppy…Beauly Highland Kennel, RO

Note of Interest: Ardorgold curates the group Respected International Breeders and Fanciers of the English Golden Retriever on Facebook; the 2k members of our group follow the aforementioned UK Breed Standard which specifies the construction and coat colors of the European Golden Retriever.

In brief: About Us

We are retired teachers with a decades-long passion for the Golden Retriever, most recently for the English Golden Retriever; for thirty years we have bred champions in conformation, agility and the field, gorgeous healthy puppies for families; service dogs for autistic little boys and a woman dying of breast cancer.

These days, late in our lives, we are blessed beyond measure with the privilege of living in our country home with seven intelligent and spectacular “English” Golden Retrievers, two of whom are Junior Champions per the breeder-chartered Chien D’Or Anglais International, an offshoot of Federation Cynologique Internationale or FCI, the “parent organization” of European breed clubs in Belgium.

Our imported breeding stock comes with an FCI pedigree from a given country’s breed club. The Chien D’Or site will launch soon and we will announce that it is up and running.  For the record, our international judges have awarded an Honorary Junior Championship to the stunning Jr. CH Golden Edition’s Legend Spirit, loved and owned by Vasilios Manilos of Greece.  This breeding and this beautiful dog are the talk of the town in European breed clubs, as this is a linebreeding on the top-winning Scottish Sh. Ch. Bethrob Bracken, bred by Lislone Garbank.  You will find Bethrob Bracken in latter generations of our Jr Ch Gabrielle Ola De Oro’s pedigree, sire of our litter.  Thus the beautiful newly minted “Dio” is related to our Gabe through his great grandsire the great 2006 World Winner Int’l Ch Moondust Masterpiece.   .

Other info follows; we hope you find a few of our endorsements of interest.  Please note that by placing the mouse on any page of our site and right-clicking, you may print out a “packet” for your files…Other endorsements are on the site page for kudos.

It has been a true privilege to meet you and your dogs and to care for your puppies.  Your English Goldens are exquisite.  You’re on our radar as best of the best.”  James L. Voss, DVM, Director Emeritus, Colorado State University Veterinary Teaching Hospital. The CSU VTH is one of the top three vet schools in the U.S. We ourselves are retired from teaching at CSU.

“I can’t thank you enough for my Maggie.  She has prolonged my life; My MBC (Metastatic Breast Cancer)is in remission.”  Lindsay M.   

Jenne’: who would have thought that years after our meeting in St. Paul where you were in your early career as a poet, you would help me endure the loss of my mobility with your beautiful creatures. Bravissima!  Maxine Kumin, Pulitzer Prize in Poetry 1973

Ardorgold babies 3 wks beginning to interact…Angelo grand-get

A true English Golden is a masterpiece of proportion and substance.  He may or may not have a cream coat because as noted, the cream coat is allowed abroad; we again refer you to and ask you to scroll down  to “coat color” in the United Kingdom Kennel Club Breed Standard or blueprint for the Golden.  It is the official word and it says this:  the Golden Retriever’s coat “may be any shade of cream or gold except for red or mahogany.”

Ardorgold curates the group Respected International Breeders and Fanciers of the English Golden Retriever on Facebook and 2k– Two Thousand of us  agree with the official position of The Golden Retriever Club of America on “English Creams.”  Please read on.  See our beautiful great grandson of Angel Heart here.

Plush cream-coated English babies with loving Mama Paris…


Boy 2 – 3 wks

Please contact us at or text to 970-214-1883.  Good availability m and f this date.

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