Happy Holidays from Ardorgold: Stunning English Cream Golden Retriever Puppies for Unheard Of Price – 48 Hr Sale…


Litter of Amore Veritas Malibu for Ardorgold, photo Elena Apaycheva…

Welcome to Ardorgold.

Ardorgold has provided beautiful puppies to loving new owners since 1990,  including veterinarians and members of The Golden Retriever Club of America. We have been endorsed by the former Director of the Colorado State University Veterinary Teaching Hospital and the top repro vet in the West. Our dogs live indoors with us and we have one litter a year.

Our gorgeous 7 wk healthy, vaccinated beautiful English Cream puppies are as well-bred and beautiful as anyone’s in the State if not more so; they are very advanced, well-socialized and must get into new homes by the New Year. Our 30 years’ experience tells us that their ideal bonding time is now; in our professional opinion, they are ready to go. We are dropping our price to $1,000, $2k below FMV and what most other breeders in Colorado are asking. A good home is far more important to us than money.

We have stunning puppies and excellent endorsements. Again, they are every bit as beautiful and intelligently bred as any other breeder’s nationwide. We have been on duty to our litter and their beautiful mother 24-7; the puppies are fully weaned, beautifully socialized, responsibly vaccinated at 6 wks at the end of the maternal antibody window for parvo, distemp, flu and adenovirus, and wormed.

Their sire and dam are hip, eye and heart clear with many generations of soundness and longevity behind them. We seek loving families or individuals with fenced yards and the resources to give one of these spectacular and beloved babies a top of the line home. Please e-mail jenanddoug@ardorgoldenglishgoldenretievers.com or text 970-214-1883

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Ardorgold founded and curates “Respected International Breeders of English Golden Retrievers” on Facebook. We are a thriving network of 2k members and growing!

The Ardorgold Difference

This is a truly elegant breeding producing gorgeous puppies with stunning heads, loving, tuned-in and curious; in our view, you will not find other English Golden Retriever breeders in the US with the depth of knowledge and decades of experience required to not only select the most outstanding individuals from abroad to import, but how and why to combine given bloodlines to produce healthy, extroverted, superlative puppies in accordance with the UK Breed Standard, the blueprint endorsed by the UK’s most elite breeder-judges setting forth the qualities of the ideal Golden…

One of our spectacular genetic packages at two weeks…..  

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About Genetic Testing

Experienced and knowledgeable breeders understand a basic issue in genetics.  Testing of any kind, of sire and dam only improves the odds and does not guarantee defect-free progeny.  We believe that most hereditary defects in otherwise stunning dogs should be bred out together with conservative essential testing.  No amount of DNA testing can insure the absence of a given trait or defect because all traits except very few have

      • multiple expressions in the DNA i.e., are polygenic.

Many English Cream breeders lack this understanding and try to impress buyers with long lists of tests, many for things Goldens seldom manifest in the first place.  Don’t be fooled, and get the facts.  There are no perfect dogs or bitches, and no one can ever guarantee that a puppy will be hereditary defect free for its lifetime, or that it won’t get cancer, or that lots of testing or absence of any puppyhood ailments guarantees longevity.

Actually, challenges to a puppy’s immune system are good, within reason.  Administration of antibiotics in puppyhood, within reason and targeted for specific bacteria or protozoa, followed by conservative administration of probiotics, will not compromise a puppy’s immune system.

Ardorgold chooses to clear breeding stock for hip, eye and heart defects, to post info on our site on a given dog or bitch’s page, and we do not test for minor skin issues that can be easily managed. Nor do we often run to or rely on veterinarians, often anti-breeder although breeders keep them in business; breeders have tremendous field experience and should be respected by a given e veterinarian.

Steer clear of those breeders who obsessively test because it is likely that they are unaware of “breed type,” the over-all beauty and majesty of the English Golden.    Buy from an articulate and well-educated breeder.

LOLA, 6 MONTHS – One of our stunning progeny.

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