Ardorgold Brings Civil Rights Lawsuit Against High Profile Golden Retriever Rescue

Unfortunately the agency we have held accountable on our site has refused to comply with state and federal civil rights law and has refused to return the first service dog we requested, surrendered when we were deeply compromised with PTSD.

In the state of Colorado this is synonymous with the theft of personal property  We have prepared a lawsuit against this organization for damages in the thousands.

We ask for letters of support for our right to recover our service animal under the Colorado Antidiscrimination Act and the Americans with Disabilities Act to the e-mail address at the end of this post.

We encourage you to investigate Rescue practices wherever you are.  This rescue was thrilled to obtain our puppies for pennies on the dollar and put them in the arms of their donors.  But most egregiously, they remain in possession of a dog they are not entitled to and trumped up an harassment charge in their county, failing to tell the responding deputy that we are disabled, trying to recover an unlawfully held service dog.

Why do we have this right?  Because civil rights law controls over any and all relinquishment agreements; as ADA and CADA “reasonable accommodation” made lawfully for the return of our two service bitches, the Rescue has a duty to enter into a DOJ-mandated “interactive process” with us.

Their lawyer needs to get his facts straight.  First we asked for return of our beautiful Paris, i.e. Service Dog 1.  They refused.  Then in desperation we signed a sham agreement for the return of Lola i.e. Service Dog 2.

In the return of Lola, the Rescue established the precedent of accommodating a disabled woman’s request.  We certainly can now request the accommodation of the return of Service Dog 1 if in the aftermath of Lola’s return we were incapacitated with grief and symptomatic with PTSD.

It is not harassment to leverage compliance with the law when you are “pro se,” representing yourself pursuant to the filing of litigation in a court of law.

It is not harassment to hold any public entity accountable in the public sphere and this website is in the public sphere and the Rescue in question is a public entity. Nobody at this entity we are going after in a different matter has acted like babies demanding that we take down our post.  

No one has the right to try to shut us up.  No one, including the “attorney” who sent us an abusive letter and claims to represent the Rescue in question.  We’ll see him in Court.

Please send letters of support for our position to . See also the DOJ Guidance on Service Dogs– you never know when you will need to support a friend in the fight for justice.

How pathetic that this organization would refuse to return someone’s service dog even when she has offered to pay its adoption fee and pay down its bills.

How pathetic that members of this organization would torment us by posting photos of our surrendered puppies on Facebook and telling us that our beautiful girl is lying on their bed with them.

How pathetic that when they drive someone crazy with grief, they would then sic a deputy on her, trumping up an harassment charge, not even telling the deputy the truth.

We reserve the right to hold this sham outfit to account on our website.  This is not a banana republic or a police state and it is not harassment to speak truth to power in the public sphere i.e. the internet.

No one, including law enforcement, has the right to violate our Constitutional and civil rights, to try to shut us up.  This is not China or Russia or Turkey; we have freedom of speech here and the powers that be would do well to keep this in mind.




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