Updated March 18, 2019

Many thanks to all who have contacted us about our stewardships.  We hope you will understand our delayed response and several changes to our protocol.  We have a potential health issue requiring our attention this week, not regarding our dogs, but our own need to see a specialist immediately.

Clarifications:  During the fostering period described below we retain the option to recover at the end of the period; if we exercise that option, we will reimburse all of your expenses.  We are also looking for stewardships in northern Colorado and no further south than Denver.

Of the listed dogs, Malibu has been spayed; Giselle has not.  We anticipate upcoming seasons this month and have determined that we would defer the fostering period if we pursue the breeding of Giselle.  We apologize for not making these things clear.

Our best regards; do keep our information and enjoy our site.

Original Post:

Good morning, and welcome to Ardorgold’s home on the Web!

We are happy to announce that we are inaugurating “Family Stewardships” of several of our stunning, well-trained and loyal young adult English Golden Retrievers.

We know that acquiring one of these beautiful dogs is often prohibitive because of their purchase price; we also know that some of you are open to adding a young adult to your family.

Accordingly, we are looking for loving and active families receptive to the following:

Our Family Stewardships are structured as follows:

You enter into an agreement to foster one of our dogs for three months with the option to return the dog if you feel that you do not have the time, resources or devotion to move forward. During the three months, you are responsible for safeguarding this beautiful, magical animal including veterinary care and emergencies. In the case of several of the individuals in our program, this means appropriate management of females in season. We would execute this agreement in writing and assist you in the aforementioned management. Option to breed during this period retained; see below.

After three months, we execute a new agreement for stewardship of one year in which we reserve the breeding option. In other words, if we wish to obtain a litter from a given female under stewardship, she will be returned for approximately four months for breeding, whelping, and raising her litter; at weaning, she would be returned to you. When she is in your possession, you are responsible for her care including veterinary expenses if any arise.

In the case of a male Golden, we would retain the breeding option and you would agree not to neuter for one year.

At the end of the one year period, in which it is likely that we would not exercise the breeding option simply because of our priorities in daily life at this time, the dog becomes yours.

The dogs available for Ardorgold Stewardship include:

Angels Dance in Beauly Highland for Ardorgold aka Angelo;   Our majestic, cream-coated Angelo will be four in April; he is a spectacular and loving specimen of the breed. We are looking for someone who will take him on excursions and/or hunt him and especially take him to ponds or lakes and let him do water retrieves. He is imported and extremely dear to us and we want him to also be a house dog with all the pampering and privileges of any pet. Housebroken and crate-trained, basic obedience trained. High energy and absolutely stunning. See his page and pedigree. Angelo is by one of Europe’s top international champions, out of the leading Irish Golden Retriever breeder’s bloodlines. He is imported and once the Stewardship is in force, you would receive his Export Pedigree.

Amore Veritas Malibu: a gorgeous big and majestic cream-coated four year old girl with big dark eyes; hugely loving and very playful. Imported; top bloodlines; spayed in 2018. An excellent pet and go-everywhere girl. Malibu’s sire is a Finnish Champion in ten countries. She is imported. Export Pedigree.

Giselle Valeo Kosta for Ardorgold:  cream-coated Giselle is about one and a half and absolutely beautiful; she is high energy and extremely loving. We feel that it would be best if she were either the only dog or one of two. She needs an experienced dog owner who wants an intense physical and emotional bond with his dog. Giselle is crate and house trained and started on obedience. She is imported; her sire is a Russian Grand Champion. Giselle is imported. Export Pedigree.

Each of these gorgeous dogs is and has been immensely precious to us. We will discuss our requirements further with you when and if you contact us. Because our dogs live in the house with us we provide them with as much of us as we can. We are limited in the exercise we can provide by the nature of our land–a good distance from water,  and we want each of these dogs to not, absolutely not, be added to someone’s breeding program, but to become a family member treasured and nurtured like a child. This is what they deserve, and what we have all too imperfectly given them. Interested? Contact .

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