Good Evening and Welcome to Ardorgold– a Chilly end to April in Colorado!

Ardorgold is very excited to announce that we are ready to pass the fire of our many years of breeding to a Northern Colorado family with time, love and resources interested in being mentored around loving and breeding the English Golden Retriever.  We seek an active dog-loving family to teach all aspects of stewardship of the Golden to, in which after a period of time of co-ownership which would include all due efforts to breed, whelp and raise a stunning litter, for love and not to cash in, two stunning imported representatives of the breed would be yours.  Please send an e-mail expressing your interest in this “golden opportunity” to receive the gift of our expertise.  Please note that although puppies are likely to be cream or light cream we do not call our dogs “English Cream” Golden Retrievers; we do not support this designation and the many distortions posted online about the English in type Golden.  For further details please e-mail  .

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