Angels Dance in Beauly Highland aka Angelo



The stunning Angels Dance in Beauly Highland  

Angels Dance In Beauly Highland  (4/5/2015)  Pedigree and Health Data

Call name: “Angelo”
Gender: M
Honorifics: Exemplary English Cream
Country of origin: Romania
Country of residence: USA
State of residence: CO
Registration: FCI 0175319
Breeder: Beauly Highland Kennel – Timisoara, RO
Owner: Andrews and Brooks, Ardorgold British Reg.
Microchip/Tattoo # 662099000123907 (RO)
Web site:
Hip clearance: OFA PRELIM GOOD
Eye clearance: CERF CLEAR
Heart clearance: OFA CLEAR
Elbow clearance: OFA CLEAR
Thyroid clearance: MSU CLEAR
Dentition clearance: Scissors Bite
 5 Generation Pedigree



Angels Dance In Beauly Highland  (4/5/2015-)

Call name: “Angelo”
Gender: M
Country of origin: Romania
Country of residence: USA
State of residence: CO
Registration: FCI 0175319
Breeder: Beauly Highland Kennel – Timisoara, RO
Owner: Andrews and Brooks, Ardorgold British Reg.
Microchip/Tattoo # 662099000123907 (RO)
Web site:
Dentition clearance: Scissors Bite
Image: (none) [Click to link an image]


Angels Dance In Beauly Highland
Int.Ch,Int.Sh.Ch,Lux-Dk-CH-Dt.-VDH-S-Fr.Ch Ashbury Angel Heart TAN Suisse, Sel. B.
International, French, Luxembourg Ch. Taram du Bois de la Rayere
IntCh, ChFr, ChLux, ChNl, ChVDH, TRIALER Beeangee Jumping Jack Flash
Int Ch & trialer Alibren Mon Cheri avec Stanroph
Ashbury Summer Sun
WW’01,EW’99,02, Mult & IntCh,ChFr/Ger/Lux/Swi/VDH Paudell Pure Passion
INT.Ch, Ch. IB & Trialer Ashbury Lovely Lisane
Multi Ch, Multi Jr Ch, BISS Lislone Garbank Loch Affric SLO Club Winner, WW Puppy Bitch 2013
WW’15, Multi Ch Tramin Arni Joy Amst. W.’14
V-EW’04, Mlt & IntCh,GrChUa,ChMol/Bye/Rus/Bul/Pol Robin Hood of Glen Sheallag All-ukrainian Winner’03, 05, Winner of RRC
GrChUa, ChUa, ChMol, ChBye, ChRus Real World of Glen Sheallag Ukrainian Winner’03
Lislone Garbank Zafina For Anshada
Garline Down to Earth
Lislone Garbank Must B Luv JW


Grand-sire of our stud puppy Angelo: the exquisite World 2015 Winner CH Tramin Arni Joy (Ch. Robinhood of Glen Sheallag ex Ch Real World of Glen Sheallag – bred by Lena Ushan, Tramin Golden Retrievers, Ukraine, here presented by Kate Crosbie, Garbank & Lislone, Ireland.


13 thoughts on “Angels Dance in Beauly Highland aka Angelo

  1. Happened across your website due to interest in Arni Joy progeny.
    You certainly are not hesitant to express your views. I like that. Would love a sit-down of hours of conversation with you. We might even agree on much that is said.
    My website is currently
    Have spent about fifteen years battling with the GRCA leadership and their conviction that what one believes is truth– whether fact-based or not. Not only have they decided what the GR in America should be, they even are audacious and wrong-minded enough to rewrite the British Standard to suit their personal opinions and biases.
    To me an English Cream GR is a fact of life– if that dog is bred from dogs with a history of being bred to the country-of-origin standard and if his coat happens to be cream rather than any shade of gold. All GRs are not born on a gold spectrum. It simply does not exist genetically. And the red/yellow spectrum is not gold. All arise from the red master gene for color and the coat color is modified by various alleles and genetic materials not yet fully understood by geneticists. But they are working on it. A pale gold GR is not a cream GR; they differ genetically. A pup born cream cannot become a gold adult. Nor can a born– dare I say it –red GR be ever anything but red in its lifetime.
    Cream is a dilute of the red master gene. There is also an Intensity factor which determines how deep the red gene will express itself — but it works on the dog after birth, unlike the dilution factor. All GRs tend to darken over time; but the gold may become more intense, or the red more intense, or the cream more intense. Cream cannot turn into gold any more than red can over time. It is pure fiction to argue that all GRs are born gold in color. Despite the world-wide rejection of born-red GRs, even identifying them as unacceptable is a recognition of that fact.
    Your point about breeding cream to cream exclusively is well taken. But there appears to be some evidence that gold and cream (and red for that matter) may be co-dominant genetic factors. This would explain varying colors in the same litter. And gold pups have even occurred in cream x cream pairings– or so it seems.
    Why do you not level the same criticism at breeders who choose to breed exclusively to gold dogs? That certainly limits the gene pool as well.
    Some of my favorite GRs over time have been gold in color– regardless of origin. I’m guessing if you were to ask me my top ten all-time, there would be more gold dogs than cream. And they are in the pedigrees of outstanding cream GRs.
    Sorry for my long reply. Would love to hear your thoughts.
    Bill (Droll)


  2. D

    Followup or rather correction to my comment just sent to you – Double B’s Cutter is your own breeding – not a dog from Double B – my apologies for the first post.


    1. Hi Delores – very honored to have you stop by. I can’t see any place where I said my dogs surpass those of Double B or Golden Girls. I do object to the importation of very high numbers of beautiful and beautifully bred Goldens by various “breeders” here in the US who seem to know next to nothing about the breed, no comprehension of the breed standards and why they exist-and who, in having no interest in campaigning any of their dogs, only breeding them and selling them for 3k a pop, piggy-backing off others’ hard work. This applies to the aforementioned kennels, and in my view, this is so very wrong and immoral a thing to do. You have an illustrious and magnificent program, clearly devoted to individual dogs’ welfare and to the good of the breed. As you can see I’m starting back up again never dreaming I would or could have a puppy like Angelo or Malibu. My own back yard is not entirely in order yet i.e. the issue of standing Angelo to Munch when I have yet to obtain standard clearances when she suddenly came back into season and if Angelo was able to breed– so that there was a chance to preserve my bloodline. Yes, I did breed Cutter, who had seven stunning siblings; well before Double B grew big. For many “breeders’ stateside, owning these dogs gives them class and stature they would not otherwise have. I hope we can stay in touch. All best to you!



      1. Jenne,
        I will contact sweetheart goldens. Thanks! I was deeply saddened by the news that you had lost your precious Munch. What a beautiful girl she was inside and out. I lost my beloved American Golden Retriever Teagan to mast cell cancer on July 15 and I am still grieving… “Eye for beauty, heart for grief:” I enjoyed reading every word of this piece, although it tore me up. I would like to have one of your dogs. I hope all is well besides losing your gorgeous Munch. Julie


      2. Thank you, Julie– It was so abrupt–and thank you for reading my piece– I know you understand. Fortunately, I have Paris i.e. Ardorgold Celestial Mystique– the one female and one who will be spectacular– by Angelo out of Munch. I hope you will stay in touch. xxxxj


  4. Carol Ann Lee

    Hi …my name is Carol Lee of the Golden REtriever Club of Canada….I am doing the archive books for the Golden Retriever Club of Canada for the national specialty show in Calgary July 31 2015…I believe that your dog Seeshaw N BR’s Knot Just a Pretty Face was winner of the 15-18 mos female…but unfortunately I do not the picture of her win… if you have a picture I would so appreciate if you coudl scan and send it to me so that I coudl include it in the archive book of the specialty…thanks so much..


  5. Jenne,
    I’d love to have him, but right now is not a good time, I am taking care of a dog with a torn anterior cruciate ligament and working full time and helping out my husband who is recovering from cancer treatment. He is getting better, but I have my hands full right now.

    I’d still like to have him, but it will probably a month before I can do anything. Thanks and I look forward to talking with you more (Home 210 731-8645). Julie


  6. Julie Jeter

    I am really looking forward to your spring litter. It’s hard to put into words the kind of joy these dogs bring. You can see it in their eyes. The gaze is that of a sentient being with the deepest love of all. Julie

    PS The little mixed breed with the torn ACL is doing much better. I look forward to hearing from you again and reading more of your prose.


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