Updated March 18, 2019

Many thanks to all who have contacted us about our stewardships.  We hope you will understand our delayed response and several changes to our protocol.  We have a potential health issue requiring our attention this week, not regarding our dogs, but our own need to see a specialist immediately.

Clarifications:  During the fostering period described below we retain the option to recover at the end of the period; if we exercise that option, we will reimburse all of your expenses.  We are also looking for stewardships in northern Colorado and no further south than Denver.

Of the listed dogs, Malibu has been spayed; Giselle has not.  We anticipate upcoming seasons this month and have determined that we would defer the fostering period if we pursue the breeding of Giselle.  We apologize for not making these things clear.

Our best regards; do keep our information and enjoy our site.

Original Post:

Good morning, and welcome to Ardorgold’s home on the Web!

We are happy to announce that we are inaugurating “Family Stewardships” of several of our stunning, well-trained and loyal young adult English Golden Retrievers.

We know that acquiring one of these beautiful dogs is often prohibitive because of their purchase price; we also know that some of you are open to adding a young adult to your family.

Accordingly, we are looking for loving and active families receptive to the following:

Our Family Stewardships are structured as follows:

You enter into an agreement to foster one of our dogs for three months with the option to return the dog if you feel that you do not have the time, resources or devotion to move forward. During the three months, you are responsible for safeguarding this beautiful, magical animal including veterinary care and emergencies. In the case of several of the individuals in our program, this means appropriate management of females in season. We would execute this agreement in writing and assist you in the aforementioned management. Option to breed during this period retained; see below.

After three months, we execute a new agreement for stewardship of one year in which we reserve the breeding option. In other words, if we wish to obtain a litter from a given female under stewardship, she will be returned for approximately four months for breeding, whelping, and raising her litter; at weaning, she would be returned to you. When she is in your possession, you are responsible for her care including veterinary expenses if any arise.

In the case of a male Golden, we would retain the breeding option and you would agree not to neuter for one year.

At the end of the one year period, in which it is likely that we would not exercise the breeding option simply because of our priorities in daily life at this time, the dog becomes yours.

The dogs available for Ardorgold Stewardship include:

Angels Dance in Beauly Highland for Ardorgold aka Angelo;   Our majestic, cream-coated Angelo will be four in April; he is a spectacular and loving specimen of the breed. We are looking for someone who will take him on excursions and/or hunt him and especially take him to ponds or lakes and let him do water retrieves. He is imported and extremely dear to us and we want him to also be a house dog with all the pampering and privileges of any pet. Housebroken and crate-trained, basic obedience trained. High energy and absolutely stunning. See his page and pedigree. Angelo is by one of Europe’s top international champions, out of the leading Irish Golden Retriever breeder’s bloodlines. He is imported and once the Stewardship is in force, you would receive his Export Pedigree.

Amore Veritas Malibu: a gorgeous big and majestic cream-coated four year old girl with big dark eyes; hugely loving and very playful. Imported; top bloodlines; spayed in 2018. An excellent pet and go-everywhere girl. Malibu’s sire is a Finnish Champion in ten countries. She is imported. Export Pedigree.

Giselle Valeo Kosta for Ardorgold:  cream-coated Giselle is about one and a half and absolutely beautiful; she is high energy and extremely loving. We feel that it would be best if she were either the only dog or one of two. She needs an experienced dog owner who wants an intense physical and emotional bond with his dog. Giselle is crate and house trained and started on obedience. She is imported; her sire is a Russian Grand Champion. Giselle is imported. Export Pedigree.

Each of these gorgeous dogs is and has been immensely precious to us. We will discuss our requirements further with you when and if you contact us. Because our dogs live in the house with us we provide them with as much of us as we can. We are limited in the exercise we can provide by the nature of our land–a good distance from water,  and we want each of these dogs to not, absolutely not, be added to someone’s breeding program, but to become a family member treasured and nurtured like a child. This is what they deserve, and what we have all too imperfectly given them. Interested? Contact jenanddoug@ardorgoldenglishgoldenretrievers.com .


Ardorgold 2019…Unvanquished, Unstoppable….Projected Spring/Summer Puppies….

One of our stunning females, Jr Ch Gabrielle Ola de Oro ex Ardorgold Celestial Mystique, November 5, 2018.  Our winter babies are sorely missed!

Thank you for stopping by Ardorgold.  Our recent litter has gone to lovely new homes, including donors to a signature Colorado nonprofit and a loving family in northern Colorado.

We look forward to two 2019 litters by our stunning imported boy Jr Ch Angels Dance in Beauly Highland aka Angelo  (Int’l CH Ashbury Angel Heart ex Int’l CH Lislone Garbank Loch Affric), hip, eye, heart clear,  out of our lovely girl Giselle Valeo Kosta  (Grand CH of Russia Starscream Lar de Casanova ex UA Inter CH Calista La Creaccion Perfecta de Valeo Kosta)– click here to go to 5 gen. pedigree on k9data,

and #2 litter by Jr. Ch. Gabrielle Ola de Oro, (Angel Heart grandson and Mega CH 5xBest of Best of Breed Furor von Osten Herz ex Iventa iz Vehrne Khortitsi out of Ardorgold Petite Parisienne aka Lola (Jr. Ch Angels Dance in Beauly Highland ex Amore Veritas Malibu for Ardorgold.), “>click here to go to pedigree on k9data.

These breedings depend on our girls’ completion of testing results;  contact jenanddoug@ardorgoldenglishgoldenretrievers.com or text 970-214-1883.

Our cream-coated and typey Giselle is by Grand CH of Russia Starscream Lar de Casanova aka Sky, a stunning cream Golden bred by the great Bernar Carro Lopez, owned, handled and loved by Maria Kosacheva, Moscow, out of the beautiful Inter CH Calista La Creaccion Perfecta Valeo Kosta, bred,owned and handled by the lovely Valeria Gutnik, Kennel Valeo Kosta, UA.  We will post new pictures of our petite belle soon. We will keep back pick bitch to breed to our magnificent import Jr Ch Gabrielle Ola de Oro, aka Gabe….and from our Gabe-Lola breeding, likely keep pick bitch or dog….so much depends.

Please contact jenanddoug@ardorgoldenglishgoldenretrievers.com, our new g-suite e-mail, for more details and any questions not answered as you peruse our site.

Pictured first: our beautiful Angelo and Giselle from whom we expect tremendous babies… scroll down to see our Gabe and our Angelo-Malibu daughter Lola, who will have stunning babies.  Litter pedigree is here.

angelok9photo Jr Ch Angels Dance in Beauly Highland aka Angelo, by Int’l CH Ashbury Angel Heart out of Int’l CH Lislone Garbank Loch Affric

Angelo, above, will be bred to our beautiful “Gizzy-bel” i.e. stunning imported Giselle Valeo Kosta, pictured below, for a stunning cream-coated litter:

Litter #2  Our Jr. Ch Gabrielle Ola de Oro ex Ardorgold Peerless Parisienne, aka Lola

Our beautiful Gabe produced a stunning typey cream-coated litter whelped on November 5, 2018.





“Dreams Are Made of Dogs Like These” – The Ardorgold Difference–Linebreeding on Ashbury, Garbank Lislone, Majik and Glen Sheallag for superior quality and soundness

Quality puppies available from the signature “English” lines in the world; on referral and one puppy at a time brokerage into U.S.  For more contact jenanddoug@ardorgoldenglishgoldenretrievers.com.  Let us help you pick a sound and healthy puppy and handle importation for you.  Ardorgold founded and curates  the group Respected International English Golden Retriever Breeders and Fanciers on Facebook with 2,000 and growing top of the line breeders in it.  Transparency and Accountability are the bywords of our network.  jenanddoug@ardorgoldenglishgoldenretrievers.com ; text 970-214-1883.

Coming this spring to Ardorgold for our program:  The stunning Bombadee Bequeath To Me Starlight aka Stella, by CH Bombadee The Big Lebowski, a son of Int’l CH Obsidian of the Morning Valley ex CH Majik Queen of Soul, out of CH Majik Zena, by Int’l CH Ramchaine Moment of Truth out of Majik Rock Chick.  Bombadee is the highest profile Golden breeder in Poland and highly reputable throughout Europe, building its program–quite clearly– on the beautiful, accomplished Kari Lehtonen’s fabulous Majik dogs out of Finland.  Puppies remain in this brand new litter whelped at Bombadee…..

The One and Only Crufts’ 15 CH Majik Truth or Dare with Kari Lehtonen, Majik, Finland, photo by Fred Smink, Moondust, NL.

This is the referenced litter’s stunning pedigree that includes a line-breeding on the one and only magnificent Crufts ’15 Winner Majik Truth or Dare,  four crosses to the great Majik Finders Keepers, Breed Greats like Int’l CH Fly to Fletcher du Bois de la Rayere, Passion of the Morning Valley, Int’l CH Xanthos Conquistador and other fabulous Golden Retrievers with knock-out pedigrees.  Trust our expertise!  Read on for information on English Goldens you won’t find anywhere else….


An Ardorgold Puppy– Heads and Tails Above….

Happy New Year once more and welcome to Ardorgold.  Ardor means passion, which we have had for the English Golden in abundance.  Our puppies whelped November 7 are spoken for.  We hope for a 2019 litter  by our Jr. Ch. Gabrielle Ola de Oro aka Gabe, out of Ardorgold Peerless Parisienne, Lola. Feel free to contact us to be placed on our list. Don’t miss the ringing endorsement below: 

“The Colorado State University Veterinary Teaching Hospital wishes to commend you on the quality of the Import sired-puppies you brought to us for evaluation. We have never seen puppies of such exquisite breed type as your Golden Retrievers.” James L. Voss, D.V.M., Hospital Director Emeritus.”

Ardorgold is home to this magnificent Jr. CH Angels Dance in Beauly Highland aka Angelo, sire Int’l CH Ashbury Angel Heart, France, out of Int’l CH Lislone Garbank Loch Affric.  Angelo is grandsire of our recent litter.  Litter pedigree is here.  

Beware of those advertising “English Cream” Goldens.  Those selecting for coat color alone are operating in ignorance.  Goldens are one breed and differ only in terms of their construction according to differing “Breed Standards,” blueprints for the ideal Golden around the world.  In reality, English is a type and cream but one shade all Goldens come in.  There is no such type of Golden as English Cream and it is only Americans who call those dogs bred abroad “English” because the American ideal Golden promoted by AKC and the Golden Retriever Club of America is very different from that of the UK, where the breed was founded in the late 1800’s.

Here is our recent ad.  Many thanks to the families and individuals taking home an Ardorgold puppy this holiday season.  jenanddoug@ardorgoldenglishgoldenretrievers.com .  Enjoy puppy photos and links to our recent pedigree below.

Absolutely stunning healthy cream- and sun-kissed cream-coated English Golden Retriever puppies ready this week  to loving families with fenced yards, time and love.  These babies are by our gorgeous imported Jr. CH. Gabrielle Ola de Oro for Ardorgold aka Gabe, out of our Jr Ch-sired Ardorgold Celestial Mystique aka Paris.  Both parents hip, eye, heart clear, 5 gen. hip, eye soundness in top of the line pedigrees. 1st shots, worming, vet checked.  2 m., 2 f., AKC registerable,    jenanddoug@ardorgoldenglishgoldenretrievers.com; 1-970-214-1883. .  Thank you to the families who have reserved from our beautiful 2018 litter.

Personality plus! One of our ultra stunning Gabe ex Paris babies…..

About Us

We are retired teachers with a thirty-year record of producing highest quality Goldens; our puppies have been purchased by veterinarians, members of The Golden Retriever Club of America and Colorado’s Mile Hi Golden Retriever Club; our puppies have been bred to champions, titled in conformation, agility and obedience and  have also brought joy to families, challenged children and cancer patients.

We are experienced hands-on “puppy whisperers,” monitoring, nurturing, socializing and loving our puppies 24-7 from the time they are born.  No puppy leaves Ardorgold without being happy, independent, healthy and ready to bond with new owners who are also passionate about this wonderful breed.

What is an English Golden, Beyond Coat Color?

English Goldens differ from American GR’s in “breed type.”  The UK has one set of guidelines for the ideal Golden
and the U.S. another.  Lightest coats, including cream,” are favored in Europe and beyond; in the U.S. show ring judges find the light coat “undesirable.”

The main difference however, is in how a given dog is put together.  The English Golden is a masterpiece of proportion—beautiful large heads, appropriate length of neck giving way to a level topline, muscular forechest, legs under the body so that when the animal moves he does so effortlessly.

American show dogs are hyper-angulated in the rear, so that their toplines slope; their heads are often small for their bodies, their necks short or nearly non-existence, the chest/prosternum weak to the eye accustomed to the symmetry of the English dog.

It is only Americans who call European dogs “English”—while there is one breed, differing breed guidelines give rise to different types.  The UK Breed Standard is here; Ardorgold keeps this guideline in mind when pairing our breeding stock.

Ardorgold Celestial Mystique goes back to our early 90’s Gold Rush Sevilla; her pedigree is all English except for that gold-plated American strand.  We are coming for you, Paris….

Healthy momma and babies…

Why Buy from Ardorgold?

We know that you are looking for a quality pet, but quality depends on a strong pedigree and a breeder who knows what he or she is doing, working to produce a better dog than the ones coming before it.

Our litter pedigree is a “line-breeding”—not an inbreeding—see difference here, on Int’l Ch Ashbury Angel Heart, the Irish kennel Garbank Lislone, Robinhood of Glen Sheallag, and others.  Only naïve and ill-informed breeders tout that their puppies do not have “related” sires and dams.  Line-breeding on proven pedigrees insures sound, beautiful individuals.

About Heretible Defect Testing

Regarding genetic testing, while some breeders post an impressive array of tests, knowledgeable breeders understand that most hereditary defects have multiple expressions in the DNA so that testing reduces the odds but does not eliminate them all together and that the best protocol is to breed out given defects and not discard otherwise stellar individuals for minor or rare issues. That said, we test for clear hips, eyes, hearts.   Anyone guaranteeing absolute genetic health for the lifetime of the dog or making various claims about greater longevity and lower incidence of cancer in the European Golden is unaware of the facts.

About Prophylaxis for Common Transitory Puppy Ailments

Ardorgold, like most breeders, keeps the following on hand;  sulfadimethoxine for puppy coccidiosis i.e. overgrowth of an organism in the small bowel giving rise to diarrhea; metronidazol or fenbendazole  for giardia that colonizes in standing water in which puppies play.  Several broad-spectrum antibiotics in doses titrated for puppies and adults.  5% bleach solution to treat clean water and food dishes, bedding, toys and flooring (remove puppies prior to treatment).

We administer prophylaxis when to our trained eyes, based in thirty years’ experience, a puppy is symptomatic and not before.  We safeguard our puppies’ immune systems by following a good parasite control protocol and vaccinating at 6 weeks when the maternal antibody window closes with subsequent vaccinations in a series of three more up to the age of 12 weeks, when puppies may also receive the rabies vaccine.    We are happy to share our protocols with you so that you can avoid costly trips to the vet, including links to our suppliers.

We give you complete health records and you must have a purchase exam in which you also submit a fecal sample; we hold your payment.

The bottomline:  develop a trusting relationship with your breeder and trust his or her expertise.  Beware of breeder-bashing veterinarians; we can vouch for the fact that such vets exist all over Northern Colorado.    If you have a vet you trust, by all means, use him or her but discount any negative opining; direct his or her questions to us.  Our diligence and expertise shines through. Ardorgold is the farthest thing from a backyard breeder and we do not “suffer fools gladly,” as it were, i.e.,  the arrogance of millennial vets.

See our kudos page, the wealth of information we have to offer, how our babies are truly bred with love and expertise.  “Dreams are made of dogs like these….and once you meet ours, you will know this to be true……….jen and doug, Ardorgold.


Happy Holidays from Ardorgold: Stunning English Cream Golden Retriever Puppies for Unheard Of Price – 48 Hr Sale…


Litter of Amore Veritas Malibu for Ardorgold, photo Elena Apaycheva…

Welcome to Ardorgold.

Ardorgold has provided beautiful puppies to loving new owners since 1990,  including veterinarians and members of The Golden Retriever Club of America. We have been endorsed by the former Director of the Colorado State University Veterinary Teaching Hospital and the top repro vet in the West. Our dogs live indoors with us and we have one litter a year.

Our gorgeous 7 wk healthy, vaccinated beautiful English Cream puppies are as well-bred and beautiful as anyone’s in the State if not more so; they are very advanced, well-socialized and must get into new homes by the New Year. Our 30 years’ experience tells us that their ideal bonding time is now; in our professional opinion, they are ready to go. We are dropping our price to $1,000, $2k below FMV and what most other breeders in Colorado are asking. A good home is far more important to us than money.

We have stunning puppies and excellent endorsements. Again, they are every bit as beautiful and intelligently bred as any other breeder’s nationwide. We have been on duty to our litter and their beautiful mother 24-7; the puppies are fully weaned, beautifully socialized, responsibly vaccinated at 6 wks at the end of the maternal antibody window for parvo, distemp, flu and adenovirus, and wormed.

Their sire and dam are hip, eye and heart clear with many generations of soundness and longevity behind them. We seek loving families or individuals with fenced yards and the resources to give one of these spectacular and beloved babies a top of the line home. Please e-mail jenanddoug@ardorgoldenglishgoldenretievers.com or text 970-214-1883

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Ardorgold founded and curates “Respected International Breeders of English Golden Retrievers” on Facebook. We are a thriving network of 2k members and growing!

The Ardorgold Difference

This is a truly elegant breeding producing gorgeous puppies with stunning heads, loving, tuned-in and curious; in our view, you will not find other English Golden Retriever breeders in the US with the depth of knowledge and decades of experience required to not only select the most outstanding individuals from abroad to import, but how and why to combine given bloodlines to produce healthy, extroverted, superlative puppies in accordance with the UK Breed Standard, the blueprint endorsed by the UK’s most elite breeder-judges setting forth the qualities of the ideal Golden…

One of our spectacular genetic packages at two weeks…..  

Scroll down to previous posts AND browse pages to learn more about Ardorgold’s English Golden Retrievers….

About Genetic Testing

Experienced and knowledgeable breeders understand a basic issue in genetics.  Testing of any kind, of sire and dam only improves the odds and does not guarantee defect-free progeny.  We believe that most hereditary defects in otherwise stunning dogs should be bred out together with conservative essential testing.  No amount of DNA testing can insure the absence of a given trait or defect because all traits except very few have

      • multiple expressions in the DNA i.e., are polygenic.

Many English Cream breeders lack this understanding and try to impress buyers with long lists of tests, many for things Goldens seldom manifest in the first place.  Don’t be fooled, and get the facts.  There are no perfect dogs or bitches, and no one can ever guarantee that a puppy will be hereditary defect free for its lifetime, or that it won’t get cancer, or that lots of testing or absence of any puppyhood ailments guarantees longevity.

Actually, challenges to a puppy’s immune system are good, within reason.  Administration of antibiotics in puppyhood, within reason and targeted for specific bacteria or protozoa, followed by conservative administration of probiotics, will not compromise a puppy’s immune system.

Ardorgold chooses to clear breeding stock for hip, eye and heart defects, to post info on our site on a given dog or bitch’s page, and we do not test for minor skin issues that can be easily managed. Nor do we often run to or rely on veterinarians, often anti-breeder although breeders keep them in business; breeders have tremendous field experience and should be respected by a given e veterinarian.

Steer clear of those breeders who obsessively test because it is likely that they are unaware of “breed type,” the over-all beauty and majesty of the English Golden.    Buy from an articulate and well-educated breeder.

LOLA, 6 MONTHS – One of our stunning progeny.

Buy with Confidence: Stunning “English” Golden Retriever Puppies by Jr. Ch., Bred with 30 years’ Love & Expertise.. …One Litter a Year; Home Page Updated c/ New Pix Daily; Reserve Now!


The Exquisite Int’l CH Ashbury Angel Heart as Puppy….Bred, Handled, Owned and Loved by Cathy and Gerard Sonntag, Ashbury Golden Retrievers, France. Posted under Internet Free Use laws…. This boy pictured as an adult below is at the heart of our pedigrees….



Updated December 15, 2018

Welcome to Ardorgold, and Happy Holidays!  Puppies still available from our stellar litter whelped on November 5, 2018.  Many thanks to the families placing deposits. jenanddoug@ardorgoldenglishgoldenretrievers.com; text to 970-214-1883. Enjoy our photos and updates, and note endorsements further down on the page.

Puppy and Purchase Info

Exquisite English Golden Retriever puppies bred with love & expertise, according to the United Kingdom Kennel Club Breed Standard/Blueprint for the Golden Retriever, the guideline for the ideal Golden used throughout the UK, Europe and Beyond. These masterfully bred, professionally nurtured and socialized babies will be ready Christmas week. Sire: Jr Ch Gabrielle Ola de Oro—- see his page.  Dam: Ardorgold Celestial Mystique aka Paris–see her page.  Parents hip, eye and heart clear; $2500.00, $200 deposit.  AKC-registerable. References, Sales Agreement, expert help for the lifetime of the dog.  Pedigree here.  jenanddoug@ardorgoldenglishgoldenretrievers.com; text 970-214-1883.  Scroll down for more detailed info on us, our protocols and policies and to see slide show of sire, dam, litter when first born. Text 970-214-1883.  

Puppy B – Girl – Irresistable!

More and more people are realizing that “English” Goldens are not limited only to cream-coated dogs and bitches.  In fact, breed superstars come in “any shade of cream or gold”; every “English Cream,” which is a color, not a type, has gold dogs in its pedigree.  TWO GOLD ENGLISH DOGS CAN PRODUCE CREAM PUPPIES WHEN CREAM COATS ARE DOMINANT IN THE PEDIGREE.  GET THE FACTS; READ ARDORGOLD’S INFORMATION; BEWARE OF BREEDERS PERPETUATING MYTHS ABOUT THE ENGLISH GOLDEN.

 Puppies’ Grandsire: Our Jr CH Angels Dance in Beauly Highland for Ardorgold, our Angel heart son

Jr. CH. Angels Dance in Beauly Highland aka Angelo, grandsire of our litter and son of Int’l Ch Ashbury Angel Heart

A slideshow of our puppies with their sire and dam…

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The beautiful Ardorgold Celestial Sauvignon aka Savvy, whelped Nov. 5, 2018

Pictured above; one of our English beauty queens, current litter.  The collage below will help you understand our bloodlines and the influence of our pedigree upon the litter.

Nowhere else in Colorado will you find the quality and beauty we have attained in our litter of classic English in type Golden Retriever puppies.

The pedigree of our puppies is an intentional “linebreeding” on the beautiful Ashbury Angel Heart, on Garbank Lislone behind Moondust Masterpiece in Gabe’s Pedigree and Lislone Garbank Loch Affric behind our Angelo, and on Robinhood of Glen Sheallag behind Gabe’s dam and behind Angelo in Paris’s pedigree.

We ourselves love the look of the cream-coated English Golden.  Equally stunning are the puppies in a given litter that one might fairly call “sun-kissed” or “dusky cream.”  But they are stunning because they have gorgeous heads and are masterfully put together; they are true dreamboats. See our discussion of English “breed type” below.

If It’s Not About Coat Color, What Is an English Golden?

The English Golden differs from the American because the UK and the U.S. have different “breed standards” for how a Golden should be put together.
The difference is about “breed type,” and has little to do with coat color!


Here is what we in America consider a gloriously beautiful English Golden. Note this stunning dog’s proportions and substance. Note how each part is congruent to other parts–stunning head, strong but not overly long neck; prominent and muscular chest, legs set well beneath the body; how the head and neck give way to a stunning level topline to tail. Look at the difference between this dog and the American champion below:


Note how this dog has less head, less chest, and is hyper-angulated in the rear. Contrast her with our “Angelo” below, who is perfectly English in type.

Jr. CH. Angels Dance in Beauly Highland aka Angelo, our stunning Angel Heart son
Our Angelo as a Stunning Puppy…Beauly Highland Kennel, RO

Note of Interest: Ardorgold curates the group Respected International Breeders and Fanciers of the English Golden Retriever on Facebook; the 2k members of our group follow the aforementioned UK Breed Standard which specifies the construction and coat colors of the European Golden Retriever.

In brief: About Us

We are retired teachers with a decades-long passion for the Golden Retriever, most recently for the English Golden Retriever; for thirty years we have bred champions in conformation, agility and the field, gorgeous healthy puppies for families; service dogs for autistic little boys and a woman dying of breast cancer.

These days, late in our lives, we are blessed beyond measure with the privilege of living in our country home with seven intelligent and spectacular “English” Golden Retrievers, two of whom are Junior Champions per the breeder-chartered Chien D’Or Anglais International, an offshoot of Federation Cynologique Internationale or FCI, the “parent organization” of European breed clubs in Belgium.

Our imported breeding stock comes with an FCI pedigree from a given country’s breed club. The Chien D’Or site will launch soon and we will announce that it is up and running.  For the record, our international judges have awarded an Honorary Junior Championship to the stunning Jr. CH Golden Edition’s Legend Spirit, loved and owned by Vasilios Manilos of Greece.  This breeding and this beautiful dog are the talk of the town in European breed clubs, as this is a linebreeding on the top-winning Scottish Sh. Ch. Bethrob Bracken, bred by Lislone Garbank.  You will find Bethrob Bracken in latter generations of our Jr Ch Gabrielle Ola De Oro’s pedigree, sire of our litter.  Thus the beautiful newly minted “Dio” is related to our Gabe through his great grandsire the great 2006 World Winner Int’l Ch Moondust Masterpiece.   .

Other info follows; we hope you find a few of our endorsements of interest.  Please note that by placing the mouse on any page of our site and right-clicking, you may print out a “packet” for your files…Other endorsements are on the site page for kudos.

It has been a true privilege to meet you and your dogs and to care for your puppies.  Your English Goldens are exquisite.  You’re on our radar as best of the best.”  James L. Voss, DVM, Director Emeritus, Colorado State University Veterinary Teaching Hospital. The CSU VTH is one of the top three vet schools in the U.S. We ourselves are retired from teaching at CSU.

“I can’t thank you enough for my Maggie.  She has prolonged my life; My MBC (Metastatic Breast Cancer)is in remission.”  Lindsay M.   

Jenne’: who would have thought that years after our meeting in St. Paul where you were in your early career as a poet, you would help me endure the loss of my mobility with your beautiful creatures. Bravissima!  Maxine Kumin, Pulitzer Prize in Poetry 1973

Ardorgold babies 3 wks beginning to interact…Angelo grand-get

A true English Golden is a masterpiece of proportion and substance.  He may or may not have a cream coat because as noted, the cream coat is allowed abroad; we again refer you to and ask you to scroll down  to “coat color” in the United Kingdom Kennel Club Breed Standard or blueprint for the Golden.  It is the official word and it says this:  the Golden Retriever’s coat “may be any shade of cream or gold except for red or mahogany.”

Ardorgold curates the group Respected International Breeders and Fanciers of the English Golden Retriever on Facebook and 2k– Two Thousand of us  agree with the official position of The Golden Retriever Club of America on “English Creams.”  Please read on.  See our beautiful great grandson of Angel Heart here.

Plush cream-coated English babies with loving Mama Paris…


Boy 2 – 3 wks

Please contact us at jenanddoug@ardorgoldenglishgoldenretrievers.com or text to 970-214-1883.  Good availability m and f this date.


Dreams Are Made of Dogs Like These: Creamy, Dreamy Puppies Ready Christmas Week

Updated December 18, 2018

An Ardorgold puppy going home…

Welcome to Ardorgold English Golden Retrievers.  We proudly announce our litter by our stunning Jr. Ch Gabrielle Ola de Oro for Ardorgold out of Ardorgold Celestial Mystique, parents and puppies pictured below.  Please contact us asap at 970-214-1883, or jenanddoug@ardorgoldenglishgoldenretrievers.com.

A Few Urgent Words. 

This is a stunning, accelerated,  extroverted and joyful litter.  As the puppies turn 7 weeks old and head into ideal bonding time between now and New Year’s, we are on their schedule, well into weaning, worming and vaccinating today and tomorrow, monitoring and playing and teaching them that humans are safe and loving.  It is of the upmost importance to us that we place our puppies with families/individuals who are prepared to be devoted to a puppy, to comfort, cuddle and reassure it as it adjusts to a new environment, to quickly take it to the vet if it should spike a fever or show other signs of illness; never to isolate the puppy from the rest of its human pack, to protect it from exposure to high traffic areas like dog parks until it is twelve weeks old and fully vaccinated; to never force it to be crated for more than a few hours, or abused by children playing roughly.  We have hours and hours of love, attention and response to all of its needs, from the moment of birth until you take over and we expect no less of our puppy buyers.  

jenanddoug@ardorgoldenglishgoldenretrievers.com; 970-214-1883.  Puppies of both sexes still available as of this date; many thanks to the families placing deposits. Puppies will be ready between Christmas and New Year’s. Litter pedigree posted at k9data is here. 

Our puppies recently photographed in natural light and during bedding change….


The Ardorgold Difference

This is a truly elegant breeding producing gorgeous puppies with stunning heads; in our view, you will not find other English Golden Retriever breeders in the US with the depth of knowledge and decades of experience required to not only select the most outstanding individuals from abroad to import, but how and why to combine given bloodlines to produce superlative puppies in accordance with the UK Breed Standard, the blueprint endorsed by the UK’s most elite breeder-judges setting forth the qualities of the ideal Golden…

Scroll down in the Standard and you will see, despite the misconceptions prevailing online, that the English Golden may be “any shade of cream or gold except red or mahogany.” Because cream-coated Goldens are dominant in our pedigree, our puppies are cream and shaded or “dusky” cream.

This litter is linebred, far different than inbreeding,  on the beautiful Int’l CH Ashbury Angel Heart, the immensely influential Irish kennel Garbank Lislone, on the great Int’l CH and World Winner Robinhood of Glen Shellag and the beautiful Eng Sh CH Paudell Passion. This means that in our mission to promote and produce puppies of English type, you will find the named bloodlines behind both our sire and dam.  Linebreeding has been done many times over in our breed to promote “breed type”–to produce progeny close to the ideal in construction, temperament and soundness.

See the endorsement below the slide show of our stunning babies.

“The Colorado State University Veterinary Teaching Hospital wishes to commend you on the quality of the English Import sired-puppies you brought to us for evaluation.  We have never seen puppies of such exquisite breed type as your Golden Retrievers.”  James L. Voss, D.V.M., Hospital Director.” 

We have not seen other discussions of  English “breed type” on people’s websites; please indulge us. Our Jr. Ch. Angelo, our puppies’ grandsire,  is pictured as a puppy above at roughly the 7 weeks in which it is believed that an English Golden shows its adult potential.  Note Angelo’s beautiful “domey” head in which his ears are set level with his eyes; note that his muzzle or “foreface” is the same length as the distance from where it meets the head to the occipital ridge or crest of the head.  Note the length of his neck and how the neck flows to a level topline extending to the tip of the tail.  From this side view we see that Angelo’s shoulder blades are set back and triangulated so that his breastbone is prominent and his front legs are set  well beneath his body.

Note that Angelo’s “rear assembly” is very “correct” in that he is “well let down in the hocks”, with definition and perpendicularity. The total puppy is meant to be proportional so that a rectangle may be drawn around him.

Many people now know of Angelo’s existence and tell us how beautiful he is;  we agree!  He was a classically beautiful English Golden Retriever puppy and for us, a magnificent adult:

Jr. CH Angels Dance in Beauly Highland for Ardorgold, awarded his prestigious title by the international breeders’ consortium Chien D’Or Anglais Internationale.

Our puppies’ dam is the beautiful Ardorgold Celestial Mystique, aka Paris; she is pictured below with our gorgeous litter of cream and shaded cream babies. The sequence before Paris is of our beautiful sire “Gabe”–

Our Stunning Jr CH Gabrielle Ola de Oro


Gabe is a loving, charismatic and very “typey” dog; we could not be happier with our two boys. Whereas Angelo is by Angel Heart out of a Garbank-bred bitch, Gabe is the grandson of Angel Heart’s most renowned and beautiful son, Int’l CH Big Boss of the Famous Family. Gabe is also the great-grandson of Int’ CH Lislone Garbank Jackpot. This gives you an idea of how we have replicated these bloodlines in the fourth and fifth generations of our pedigree. Meanwhile the great Robinhood of Glen Sheallag is Angelo’s great grandsire and Gabe’s great-great grandsire through his dam. Again, line-breeding promotes “breed type,” i.e., the extent to which a given dog or bitch approaches the ideal set forth in the UK breed standard.


Paris with her whelps of several days….

Ardorgold babies 3 wks beginning to interact…

More About the Breed and English Type

Golden Retrievers are one breed, developed in Scotland late in the 19th Century. Within the breed are types of Goldens with diverging characteristics arising from variations in how a given region or country conceptualizes the Golden. The UK, the U.S., Australia, New Zealand, India, Ukraine, Russia et al all have their own “official” written list of the attributes of the ideal Golden Retriever. In the U.S., AKC judges find the light coat “undesirable”. In the United Kingdom and indeed, throughout Europe, the cream coat is dominant; in the U.S. that is reversed. Two cream-coated dogs may produce light Gold puppies and vice versa.


We urge you to read two things:  The UK Breed Standard for the Golden Retriever linked above, and The Golden Retriever Club of America’s position on “English Creams.”  Ardorgold also curates the Facebook brook “Respected International Breeders and Fanciers of the English Golden Retriever” and we are two thousand strong i.e. 2k members including hundreds of prominent, highly accomplished international breeders who would never select breeding stock for coat color, as it narrows the gene pool, thereby setting up original exquisite genetic packages with all attributes of the ideal Golden for hereditary issues.  A review of our discussions in our group would be valuable to those of you who want a beautiful specimen of the English Golden as a family member.

We ourselves understand the appeal of the cream-coated Golden Retriever which is allowable and even dominant in some regions of Europe, but frowned upon in the U.S. We ourselves have cream-coated breeding stock.

Put more simply, Ardorgold breeds for those characteristics defining the English Golden beyond coat color such as proper construction, temperament and soundness. The English Golden may be “any shade of cream or gold except red or mahogany” per the UK Standard.

That said, you see for yourselves that our litter is first and foremost, the progeny of dogs chosen for “breed type,” meaning how close to the ideal as set forth by the UK Standard, they come.  Look at the beautiful heads and plush coats of our puppies.

We are thrilled with so many things about these puppies–but especially, these glorious heads! Please contact us at jenanddoug@ardorgoldenglishgoldenretrievers.com for reservation information.  Many thanks to those who have reserved puppies from our litter thus far.

We are with our dogs and puppies 24-7, getting little sleep, utterly devoted to the welfare of each puppy.

Again, what we Americans call “English” in breed type is all about proportion, balance, beautiful broad heads, graceful necks giving way to strong chests  and the neck flowing to level topline in a line culminating in the tip of the tail.  The shoulder blades of the English dog are prominent so that the legs are set well beneath its body; when such a dog “moves out” in the ring the stride is symmetrical and the movement, breathtaking.

The stunning Int’l CH Ashbury Angel Heart, Kennel Ashbury, France: Gerard and Cathy Sontag, Breeders.

This magnificent dog has a spectacular and “typey” head, excellent length of neck, muscular chest of great depth; his neck and withers flow to a level “top-line, which extends to the tip of his tail; he is beautifully proportional and balanced with his substantial legs set well beneath his body.

Here is our “baby-mama” Ardorgold Celestial Mystique, daughter of Angelo, with her stunning litter– info on the sire of these fabulous puppies below:

Plush cream-coated English babies with loving Mama Paris…

Look again at the sheer beauty of our puppies, their exquisite heads and creamy, thick coats.  This is quality you will only find at Ardorgold; only Ardorgold has the knowledge and expertise to have the worthy goal of contributing to the breed by preserving and capitalizing on select bloodlines.  Again, we curate the Facebook group Respected International English Golden Retriever Breeders and Fanciers, 2k strong.  You may obtain references from our Kudos page or from anyone in that group.  Contact jenanddoug@ardorgoldenglishgoldenretrievers.com or text 970-214-1883.

An exquisite  Ardorgold puppy, d.o.b., November 5, 2018, full of genetic promise!
Girl 1 – another of the beautiful babies in our litter. At three weeks she is already showing a beautiful wide muzzle and well-defined “stop” where foreface meets her head.

Again, contact us to reserve a puppy at jenanddoug@ardorgoldenglishgoldenretrievers.com; text to 970-214-1883.
























































































































































































































































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We acquired this stunning boy expressly to breed to our Angelo-Malibu daughters, for to do so also makes this a terrific line-breeding on the breed great Multi CH Ashbury Angel Heart.  Angel Heart is Angelo’s sire, and Stormy’s grandsire.  Angel Heart also appears in Malibu’s pedigree as the grand-sire of Barselona Priority and Majesty as he is the sire of Big Boss of the Famous Family.   The pedigree is again a linebreeding on the majestic fellow Ch, Ch, Taram du Bois de la Rayere.

Five generation pedigree: ZamfieldArdorgold

Performancing Metrics


Five generation pedigree:

Ardorgold ___________________
Zamfield Firestorm at Ardorgold -imported 29/17 “Fiero” – Ital. for Pride 


C.I.B.,C.I.E.,RoJCh,HJCh,SRJCh,HRJCh,BGCH,ROCH,HRCH,SRBCH,HCH Pearl of Hunters Stormy Sky, Ch of Ch ‘ 16, Crufts Qualifications for life
WW’09’11, EW’07’08, JEW’05, Int CH, Multi CH Dewmist Silk Screen Working Test, Middle European Winner 2006
SU(U)CH NORDV-03 NUCH, VWW-08 Erinderry Gaelic Minstrel
Eng./Irish SH. CH. Erinderry Diamond Edge Of Glenavis
Ir. Sh. Ch. & Int. Ch. Erinderry Firebird
ChSwe, Den, Nor, NordW-03, VWW-08 Styal Silksilla SweW-04, BOB World Dog Show 2008
Eng SH CH Remington Rory
Styal Scottish Symphonia
Int.Ch.HRCh.RoCh.SKCh.HCh.HSCh.HJCh.Lux.JCh. Burning Hot of The Famous Family
Int. Sh. Ch , Int. Ch , Lux/Dk/Dt-VDH/Swiss/Fr. Ch Ashbury Angel Heart
International, French, Luxembourg Ch. Taram du Bois de la Rayere
Ashbury Summer Sun
WW’12. HSCH. HJCh. Dewmist Star Of The Blue Hope
SU(U)CH NORDV-03 NUCH, VWW-08 Erinderry Gaelic Minstrel
SE U(U)CH SE V-11 NORD VV-11 Dewmist Starcadia
SrbCH Erdoalji Duchess of Zamfield
V-WW’13, JWW’12, HJCh,ROCH,HSCH, C.I.E. Dewmist Hope Of Harlequin
Dts.Vdh. CH Dewmist Satellite Belgian Winner ’03
SE U(U)CH Telkaro Diamond Dust
Vice-WW’03, ChSwe, Den, Pl, Lv Dewmist Shaquille LvW’07
WW’12. HSCH. HJCh. Dewmist Star Of The Blue Hope
SU(U)CH NORDV-03 NUCH, VWW-08 Erinderry Gaelic Minstrel
SE U(U)CH SE V-11 NORD VV-11 Dewmist Starcadia
       ’14, Club Winner ’15 & ’16
INT CH, SPA/PT/GBZ CH, GBZ JCH Baron Of Stanroph du Domaine des Rives de l’Erdre
International, French, Luxembourg Ch. Taram du Bois de la Rayere
LUX JCH Stanroph So It’s a Miracle
Multi CH CIE & CIB Bossa Nova de Ria Vela Working BIS, res.Working BIS
Edgar de La Charola
Seven Angels de Ria Vela
Ardorgold Dolce de Leche – Dulcie
Angels Dance In Beauly Highland Angelo
Int. Sh. Ch , Int. Ch , Lux/Dk/Dt-VDH/Swiss/Fr. Ch Ashbury Angel Heart
International, French, Luxembourg Ch. Taram du Bois de la Rayere
Trialer, Int Ch, Fr/Lux/Nd/VDH Ch Beeangee Jumping Jack Flash
Int Ch & Trialer Alibren Mon Cheri avec Stanroph
Ashbury Summer Sun
WW’01,EW’99,02, Multi & Int Ch, Ch Fr/Ger/Lux/Swi/VDH Paudell Pure Passion
Trialer, INT CH, FR CH Ashbury Lovely Lisane
Multi Ch, Multi Jr Ch, BISS Lislone Garbank Loch Affric SLO Club Winner, WW Puppy Bitch 2013
WW’15, Multi Ch Tramin Arni Joy Amst. W.’14
V-EW’04, Mlt & IntCh,GrChUa,ChMol/Bye/Rus/Bul/Pol Robin Hood of Glen Sheallag All-ukrainian Winner’03, 05, Winner of RRC
GrChUa, ChUa, ChMol, ChBye, ChRus Real World of Glen Sheallag Ukrainian Winner’03
Lislone Garbank Zafina For Anshada
Garline Down to Earth
Lislone Garbank Must B Luv JW
Amore Veritas Malibu for Ardorgold
JChUa, CH UA, Moldova, Bulg, Georgia, Romania, Majik Inspector Clouseau Ch Aze, Makedonia,Cyprus, Philippine, Costa Rica
Gildas Amouage
Stanroph Sailor’s Swansong
Gildas Kissing Cousin
Majik Zoe Tate
C.I.E,LTU&SWE(show)CH,FIN JW-01&FIN W-07,VetWW`10 Royal Salute du Pays de Boheme
Majik Lara Croft
JChUa, Champion of Moldova Amore Veritas Antalia
Vice-JEW’12 , CH SwedenUA,MOL,RO , JCH UA, RUS Thevenet Pep’s Team
Remington Ringmaster
Thevenet Vanidad Mistica
JCh Ukraine, Ch Ukraine, Moldova, Cyprus Barselona of Priority and Majesty FT Duck III
MultCh, ChUA, ChMOL, ChBYE, ChRUS, JChUa Big Boss of the Famous Family
Nelli Samiy Lutchiy Droug

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