Registration Information – A Must-Read

In buying one of our puppies you will receive a registration paper from us to complete, from the U.S.’s premier hunting dog registry.–The Field Dog Stud Book. Upon receiving your permanent FDSB registration document,  you may at your discretion apply to register your puppy if you wish, with AKC.  AKC recognizes the FDSB – Field Dog Stud Book.

The FDSB is the oldest authentic registry of sporting dogs in the United States, containing some two million dogs in its archives.

Our dogs are eligible for AKC registry.  However, we believe that too often, particularly regarding the “English Cream Boom,” the breed’s primary purpose is sidelined and too much focus is placed on coat color.  We ourselves have imported our breeding stock from cream-coated top of the line kennels, but we also seek information on the retrieving desire known to be a trademark of a given bloodline.

Moreover, in addition to the outrageous smear campaign of imported Golden Retrievers by the Golden Retriever Club of America and by extension the AKC, it is our position that it is imperative for importing breeders choose an alternative legitimate registry of which there are several in the U.S.

We support the philosophy that the Golden Retriever, whether American or English/British, although differing slightly in the conformation standards around the world, are all one breed, bred in the late 1800’s in Scotland by one Lord Tweedmouth, to be biddable and beautiful hunting dogs that naturally retrieve fallen game birds to hand. In other words, they are “purpose-bred.”  See discussion of breed development here.

You may not know that the AKC Conformation Regulations exclude and or penalize the cream coat of “English” Golden Retrievers from the show ring– is this not a form of discrimination unworthy of AKC’s reputation as THE registry of choice?

For these reasons, we at Ardorgold are reluctant to be complicit in perpetuating the discriminatory and elitist practices of the AKC.

Therefore, we have determined that the best registry for our imported dogs, registered in their respective countries’ kennel clubs, is the Field Dog Stud Book or FDSB.

Our registration papers for Angelo and Malibu from FDSB are in processing at this time; you should receive your puppy paper from us in several months.

With other breeders with similar views, we have also chartered an importing breeder registry, the North American Imported Sporting Dog Association, for an interim registration and your FDSB puppy registration paper will be mailed to you.

Again, after you have received your FDSB papers, follow the instruction for registration of your puppy.  After you receive the certificate for your dog or bitch, you are free to register your dog with the AKC or United Kennel Club, also an authentic and valuable purpose-bred registry, if you so desire.

Registering imported British cream-coated Golden Retrievers with AKC is a often a ploy by breeders who justify increasing the purchase price of their puppies because of the undeserved prestige of the AKC.

We hope you will respect us for not playing along.  Again, once you have a valid FDSB puppy registration paper and register that puppy with FDSB, you may go on to register AKC if it is your desire.  It is recognized by AKC. – click on link; toggle item 4 for verification of our claim.